Food & Nutrition

Food and Nutrition plays a vital part of any cyclists performance. Getting your diet right will help you become a faster, stronger and a healthier cyclist. BicyCOLS will fuel your cycling needs with a perfectly designed menu and knowledge you can take away with you forever.

We have a professional chef who works closely with our nutrition and fitness expert Christianne Wolff, a celebrity trainer and Author of Body Rescue Plan.

Everyday you should expect:

Breakfast Hot and Cold options all of which provide enough carbs, proteins and fats to fuel you for your ride ahead. Includes: home-made juice and smoothies, avocados and eggs, nuts and seeds, whole fruit, whole grain cereals such as oatmeal and whole grain breads To read our blog on a healthy breakfast made for athletes, visit here.

Picnics with a view Most days will be eating our picnic lunches in the beautiful surrounding scenery which will be set up by our support vehicle just in time for your arrival. Your BicyCOLS picnic include colourful fruits and vegetables, wholegrain salads, leans meats and fish such as lentil cauliflower salad, black rice with mango and cashews, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, caprese fruit skewers, chicken and veggie pinwheels, pesto chicken pittas to name a few. We will also have homemade lemonades and ice teas available to cool you down!

Snacks and refreshments Don’t worry about buying all those gels and energy bars, BicyCOLS provides you with healthy snacks and refreshments throughout your ride. All of our snacks are highly nutritious and will provide you with the correct level of energy for your days riding. You will be able to replenish your supplies at coffee breaks and lunch.

Dinner Every night you will receive aperitifs and canapes, starter, main course and dessert. We also have a selection of wonderful pairing wines to match each course. If you have any dietary requirements just let us know and we will ensure your needs are met.


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